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The family has one of the widest ranges of quality carpets, sourced from around forty-five different tribal groups, each of which has distinctive designs and sometimes varying weaving and embroidery styles.
In their showroom you will find superb examples of carpets and rugs from the High, Middle and Anti-Atlas. .

They have a wide range of beautifully intricate Zemmour and Zaiane carpets as well as the much sort after, and distinctly different, Beni Ouarain carpets its tribal weavers us "live wool" - shorn from the sheep, rather than shorn from a sheepskin after the sheep has been killed. Coin Berbère also has some fine examples of Handiras “It’s one of the best antique and carpet shops in Fez,” said David Amster, a Fez resident for the last two decades who outfitted his guesthouse, Dar Bennis, with textiles and wooden furniture from the store. “The owners are friendly, honest and fair,” he said. “But of course you have to bargain a bit.”

The shop is renowned for its quality, prices and most of all the fact that there is absolutely no pressure to buy.
Coin Berbère are set up to freight carpets anywhere in the world with the fast DHL service.

Our Glorious History

The carpet shop, Coin Berbère, owned by the Bouzidi-Idrissi family, has existed for about 60 years and was one of the first carpet stores in Fez, The store owes its reputation to the work of a wise father has his sons.
The father, the Haj, as everyone calls him, has transmitted his knowledge and refined taste to his sons, who carry on the family tradition in the choice of the carpets, the quality of the work, the mixture of the colors, and the beauty of the Berber art.
For this reason you will find in this store a unique collection of the best carpets and antiques available.
Throughout the years, the family has acquired a profound knowledge of buying from among Berber and Fassi families, and now has a beautiful collection of antique household objects, silver jewellery, and of course the wide choice of beautiful carpets.

The shop was mentioned in the New York Times magazine, it has a wide collection of Rare Moroccan antique textiles, 17th and 18th century wooden doors, pottery, rich embroideries, silver jewelry, ancient silk caftans and a large selection of carpets from over 40 different tribes spread across geographical regions that vary from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert.

Coin Berbère is at 67 Talaa Kebira in the Haddadine quarter of the Fez medina (212) 0535636946 email:contact@coinberber.com

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